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Why are We?
3rd Sep 2019

Why are We?

Hello, users and guests of our site! I am often asked how the HyipBox differs from other similar sites and what is its uniqueness. And the main purpose of this article is to answer this question.
In addition to basic hyip aggregator functions, such as:
- Collection of statuses for all monitoring and blogs;
- Gathering links to forums;
- Providing information on the technical equipment of the project;
- Providing information on marketing and the main characteristics of the project;
- Statistics of deposits and payments by payment systems;
- Collection of all RCB offers;
- Various analytical information in numbers, graphs and tables.

We have a number of exceptional features that we would like to talk about in more detail:

1. The main events feed on the main page, showing all the changes in the hyip world over the past two days.

2. A detailed roadmap of the project, including information on all changes in the project, such as adding new monitoring, blogs and changing their statuses.

3. We also collect and consolidate information on how projects are discussed, which is important in their development. This is the number of posts on forums and blogs, as well as reviews on monitoring. This information is located on the tab “HISTORY OF DISCUSSION” on the detailed page of the project of interest. Also on the main page there is a block with the most discussed projects to date and Programs in the risk zone (those programs whose status pays, but received negative feedback from investors over the last days). Now you will know what they say about your project in all corners of the hyip world.

4. An important factor in determining the quality of a project is the amount spent on its advertising, since often the same set of monitoring and blogs can have completely different costs and advertising effects, and for a competent investor it is important to understand how they will work and advance the projects in which he invests. You can find detailed information about the types of listings and their cost on the tab “ADVERTISING COMPANY” on the detailed page of the project of interest.

5. A large component of the success of a project is attracting the attention of users. This factor can be determined by the number of banners purchased by the project. And our System provides information on where and how many banners the project posted. A large number of banners speaks not only about good attention-grabbing, but also about the corresponding costs of an advertising company. You can also get this information on the “ADVERTISING COMPANY” tab on the detailed page of the project of interest. Also on the main page there is a block with five projects that have found the most banners for the current day.

6. I also want to note that we provide a pleasant bonus to all registered users in the form of useful tools, such as user lists of projects (watch, invest, favorites) and useful analytics.

All these opportunities and features, as well as technical and analytical information, together provide a very powerful tool for the investor, which allows you to determine the correct points of entry into the project, as well as to predict certain events related to the life of the project.

At the moment, the Russian and English versions of the site are available. Other languages ​​are planned to be added later.

I hope you enjoy our service, and each user will find something useful in it. All questions, wishes, suggestions can also be sent to admin@hyipbox.org , in telegrams @ hyipbox as well as through the contact form.

Thank you for your time and attention!
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